Struggling to keep up the camera club :(

Can you help ?
We have been trying to keep the camera club going for a while now and it is getting more and more difficult as time goes on. The problem is that although all the members are keen, quite a lot of them work shifts and cannot manage to our fortnightly meetings on a regular basis. I also think perhaps we need more speakers to come to the club and do some interesting talks on photography. Perhaps they could share some hints and tips on the practical side as well, so that our members could improve a little in their photography.
If there is anyone out there with some ideas on how we can help the club progress a bit and maybe inject a new lease of life into it, then please by all means do get in touch and pass your views and ideas on, we really do need as much help as possible.

We are just a small club but have huge ambitions and hopefully one day we will fulfil these ambitions :)