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Fairy Glen

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Today I went out to The Fairy Glen at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle. It was very cold to begin with and as we walked along the footpath it was quite slippery underfoot. As you walk along through Fairy Glen, you follow alongside a small burn and pass by a small lochan which has a nice viewing platform built over it. In good weather you can sit here and watch the wild birds, ducks etc. As you go farther up there are 2 sets of waterfalls, the lower one and the upper one. When we reached the lower falls we set up our camera equipment and proceeded to take some photographs. Not long after one of the other member's wife came down from the upper falls, via a quite slippery wooden stairway. She came over and I spoke with her but as I was speaking her hubby came down the stairs and I realised that he wasn't too steady on his feet. Oh no !! poor James he slipped, seemed to go backwards, then corrected it and went head over heals. OMG!! his camera was around his neck as he hit the ground, but before we could do anything he was back on his feet and heading carefully down the remainder of the stairs. When he came over I asked after him and he had hurt his knee but at least there was no damage done to the camera as he proceeded to show me some photos that he took. Him and his wife then headed for home, I did check up on him later that evening and he was sore but fine. I think it was more the embarrassment of the fall than anything else. At least he got some fantastic shots to remind him of his TRIP hahaha. The rest of us also got some fabulous shots and I believe that the people who had just moved up to DSLR type cameras learned quite a bit and took some amazing photos. After we photographed both sets of waterfalls we headed back to the town and went to The Plough Inn where Tina bought us all a nice warm pot of tea, Thanks Tina it was much appreciated. All in all it was a super TRIP out with some lovely scenery and fabulous company plus we all learned some things that hopefully will help us with our photography on future outings :)